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HE PROPOSED? or maybe not. How to enjoy planning your wedding

I said yes! Just got engaged? You got the wedding proposal of your dreams or perhaps not but you're planning your very own wedding anyway. You're probably asking yourself, "How do I plan a wedding"? Well first off, why don't you live that 'engagement ring' period to the fullest; it's often too short lived. Enjoy every moment of it! Savor each minute of your love story and then channel it all into making your other dream day extra extra special; your wedding planning.

I was never proposed to. I never had the chance to wear an engagement ring.  Christmas holidays and its high rate of marriage proposals got me thinking, I must be the only person on this planet who hasn't experienced  her very own romantic, candle lit, out-of-this-world wedding proposal. I don't even know what it feels like to be proposed to. I mean I've watched quite a few proposals in movies and on YouTube and that's how I can say that 'I know how it feels :)  Here's my wedding proposal story. You can also use this link to watch it on my Instagram/facebook page



I lived it. I savored it. I loved it and I used every bit of those feelings to plan my wedding.

My husband and I will be married for 9 years in April. WE HAVE 3 AMAZING BOYS.  My friends used to refer to me as the most fertile woman on earth :D because I didn't really space my kids that much. But yeah, we've been together for 10 years now. We just happened. Our wedding just happened. Now I say that in a good way. I met him (through my bestie, Lorenzo, whom everyone assumed was my boyfriend) while studying a master's program in Aberdeen. Lorenzo and I would go to the gym together and one day on our way out, we bumped into his friend and we all got chatting. No secret crushing, no butterflies in my tummy. On that day for some reason, there was no attraction. Now I can't say the same for him but I definitely did not get any mushy feelings. However once we got talking and got to know each other more, OMG everything skyrocketed. After work, he would pick me up from Lorenzo's and I just couldn't wait to see him. That hug, oh my, I always looked forward to that special hug. And in that moment I would have reached the highest clouds and back. My heart would pound so hard, I felt it would pop out of my chest. 

Our love blossomed, within a few months of our very first meet and then we found ourselves making plans together. Daily plans led to short term plans. Short term plans led to long term plans and before we realised, we were making wedding plans. Just FYI - NO FORMAL #MARRIAGEPROPOSAL. I mean we were so in love and got carried away. Sooooo engulfed in all the emotions; our dream day, our forever after , that I guess he forgot to propose (whispers; or maybe that was just his style, I dunno) and I never even noticed that I wasn't proposed to :D 

There might be someone out there who is planning her wedding and was never proposed to, like me. On the flip side, there might be tonnes of people who have experienced their #dreammarriageproposal. Either way, ENJOY whatever experience you have. Bask in the warmth of the love that exists between you both. Live fully in the moment and savour it. Now use every bit of those feelings to plan a wedding that will live on through out the rest of your lives together.

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