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Are you getting married and have now found that luxury wedding planner on-line or even through a family/ friend referral? Why are you not asking these questions to give you more confidence in the supplier you're dealing with for the very first time?

This the wedding planner you met online?

Dear bride-to-be, I know you are a little bit concerned about engaging with a wedding vendor you have probably only just met online. Guess what? It's totally understandable to feel that way. It's only natural that you would prefer to know exactly who this stranger is on the other end of the phone/laptop/iPad or social media page, before even considering talking to them about your special celebration; let alone make a financial commitment.

Talking about your personal life is very sensitive. Initial wedding consultations, wedding budget discussions are touchy subjects, I know but they don't have to be uncomfortable; especially if dealt with head on.

In my early wedding planning days, I had a bride-to-be ( actually she'd already had her destination wedding) who wanted me to style a luxury venue for her wedding breakfast/ wedding celebration. She found me online and we seemed to have a beautiful discussion (or so I thought) on everything she wanted her day to be like - Luxury, aesthetically pleasing to the senses; elegant wedding decor.

Then came what I termed the bombshell! Like, I honestly did not see it coming. She asked me for a client reference. But hold on! If I had all the years of experience that I have now, I should have sensed the few seconds of hesitance in the first few minutes of our discussion. Or maybe I did, ignored it and just kept trying to get her to book me (THANK GOD FOR THE EXPERIENCE I HAVE BUILT OVER THE YEARS).

Bottom line? I didn't book the bride! But guess what? I remember revisiting each minute of our discussion in my head until I figured out the problem and found a permanent solution.

HAVING THE RIGHT DISCUSSION - Asking the right questions!

1. Daniel Marlin, guest writer on www.entreprenuer.com talked about, "How some of the world's smartest people think about problems..." His 3rd quote by William F. Halsey reads, " All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them."

2. Listen guys! Are there specific parts of your wedding or the wedding planning process, that are of utmost importance to you? I know the entire process is veeeery important but some certain parts might stand out over others. Some brides would say, "Oh and I am totally in love with peonies and roses" or " I definitely want to have a glamorous tunnel entrance at my wedding reception." Talk about them straight up so you are confident that you have passed your message across.

3. Make sure you talk budget on your first consultation, not second or third, first wedding consultation! That way everyone is clear on exactly what you have available for your special day and can start to strategise on how best to work it. Don't go saying, "oh I haven't done this before so I don't know how much a caterer costs or how much decor costs." A wedding planner knows there might be another planner in consideration. Then again, a seasoned wedding planner should be able to maximise your budget and give you the best quality and value for what you have or don't have. So go ahead, deal with that dreaded budget topic. It will open a whole lot of options for you both to explore.

4. If your wedding planner is not asking questions about your 'dream day' then that is a HUGE sign. Questions like, "What feeling do you get from these colours?" and not "what colours do you like?"

" How do you feel about being the centre of attention?" and not "do you prefer a top table or a sweetheart table?" Can you tell the difference between the two sets of questions?

5. Be confident about conveying what you would like and what you would rather not like to have on your special day. So go ahead and ask for a reference if it will help eliminate any concerns. Insist on that mini wedding floral mock-up or table setting display (although typically you might have to pay extra for these type services).

Believe it or not it's all in that one word, 'confidence'. Having the confidence to talk about concerns early on during supplier - client discussions, eliminates truck loads of potential issues.Even better, it makes you feel more confident in the person you are dealing with.

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